Our Tapestry Friend Win Prior, died late December 2017 at the age of 91 Years

Win was a member of Hemel Hempstead Meeting. Two of our Kendal volunteers, Jane and Paddy, knew her as “one of the wise ones of the Meeting. She and her husband Colin both worked in education, and Win was particularly good with Children with Special Needs. She kept the work on the Unemployment and Poverty panel on track, helping others achieve a high standard of embroidery. Colin embroidered parts of the panel, and several framed practice pieces displayed in their home.”

World Family of Friends

Jane thinks of her whenever she is sitting sewing near the World Family of Friends panel in the exhibition. Pointing out the beautiful Peking knots in shades of brown, indicating the land masses of Planet Earth seen from outer space. Jane says, “At the time the panel was being designed, we had seen photographs from outer space for the first time, and were filled with wonder at the beauty of our world.”

Win was very active in the Quaker Tapestry scheme in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  The Tapestry holiday and exhibition in Bayeux in 1990 is still a fond memory for many of our Members. Win’s name is often mentioned here at the Quaker Tapestry and her embroidery is very much admired.

Her friend and Quaker Tapestry Member Sheena Millington, who notified us of Win’s death said, “Win worked on the Unemployment and Poverty Panel and shared in the organisation of workshops, and stirring our group to finish the panel in time to be exhibited in Bayeux.”

The photo of Win was taken when she and Colin stewarded at Bayeux in 1990.

“Wonderful exhibits, a great museum.”

Sylvia Rutter – Northwich, Cheshire