Volunteer Profile

Look out for our Volunteer Profile blogs popping up on our website from now on, to give you a flavour of what happens behind the scenes here at Quaker Tapestry.

“Does that look like Dull Flame Red to you?” Kit says with a smile as I walk into the room. We decide that whoever named the wool skein she is holding was obscurely inspired as it looks very much like beige to us. Kit makes up all our embroidery kits – with her name she was destined for this role!

The room resembles that of a cottage industry assembly line, piles of wool are carefully placed within arms reach. Kit works carefully and precisely, meticulously counting and recounting skeins of wool, needles, pens and folding up squares of woollen cloth. “I’m a hopeless cutter so Mary cuts the cloth, but I’m very good at counting” admits Kit.

A retired languages teacher, Kit came to the Quaker Tapestry as a volunteer 6 years ago and was part of the team who cleaned, mounted and re framed the tapestry and she remains a conservation volunteer as well as chief kit assembler. Whilst Kit thoroughly enjoys being retired she loves her volunteering and recommends volunteering to anyone, “Everyone here is just so nice to work with and I really enjoy being busy” It’s clear that Kit has made compiling the kits into her job, taking great pride and pleasure in the process and the finished items. “This kit (Bramley Hare) is one of my favourites to make up. It has more skeins of wool than the others and I love the colour pallet” All our kits are unique to Quaker Tapestry, exclusively designed by artist Bridget Guest and compiled in house by Kit.

Working with your strengths:

Working with your strengths is core to successful experience here at Quaker Tapestry, that’s not to say that new skills aren’t often learnt but we know that working with what you like doing and using your existing skills benefits all of us. Kit’s meticulous eye for detail and ability to accurately count contents  means we can guarantee everything is there for you to make your very own Quaker Tapestry inspired embroidery.  So if you’re a good tidier then we have areas that need organising. If you are skilled in DIY then we have walls that need painting. Or if you have fantastic knowledge of the local area then we have marketing materials in need of distribution.

Volunteering here:

We know that volunteering here is a rewarding and worthwhile experience because our volunteers tell us. So if you, or someone you know, is thinking about volunteering but is unsure what they would like to do then please get in touch, we’d love to find out more about you. Our volunteers page is a great place to start thinking about volunteering with us and there you will find details of how to get in touch with us should you wish to find out more or read our other volunteer blogs

“Who would have thought a wash-day could be so much fun, I have learnt such a lot today!”

Jill, volunteer, Care & Conservation of the Collection Team