Visiting volunteers are encouraged to embroider while they are here

Did you know that our Exhibition Volunteer Stewards are actually visiting volunteers who stay here with us, offering much needed support to our visitors?

Sisters Faith and Margaret have been visiting volunteers since we first opened our doors. They love the place and enjoy visiting Kendal too.

“There’s such a warm welcome and support” “The accommodation here is lovely and we are right in the heart of Kendal so there’s plenty to see and do too”

Faith first encountered the Quaker Tapestry panels on a touring exhibition in 1986. Immediately inspired to take part in the project Faith stitched on a total of 8 panels, often travelling to put a single stitch in. Faith practiced her Quaker Stitch on the lettering on Publishing the Truth panel and worked extensively on Coalbrookdale panel and even had the Meeting Houses panel in her home, holding workshops there!

Margaret got involved once the panels went on display, her first experience stewarding was at Yearly Meeting at Aberdeen Art gallery. Margaret hadn’t done much stitching but soon caught the bug after attending one of Bridgets taster workshops. “I wanted to stitch the sampler of the clowns, which is now available as a kit. Bridget taught me all the stitches and then over the years I’ve practiced on other pieces and created unique designs based on our holidays. I once stitched a volcano erupting!”

Faith and Margaret are the creators of a wonderful new panel celebrating Sheffield (their home), inspired by Quaker Tapestry.  Margaret came up with the idea whilst studying at Woodbrooke, a Quaker based learning venue. Most participants in the project have been from the Sheffield area and it’s design came from a team including children, just like Quaker Tapestry panels. Around 50 people have taken part putting at least one stitch on. Faith and Margaret are working on the panel in our exhibition area so you can see the panel, and Faith and Margaret, up until Saturday 24th June.

 Volunteering here:

We know that volunteering here is a rewarding and worthwhile experience because our volunteers tell us. So if you, or someone you know, is thinking about volunteering but is unsure what they would like to do then please get in touch, we’d love to find out more about you. Our volunteers page is a great place to start thinking about volunteering with us or if you aren’t local to Kendal please look at our information for visiting volunteers. You will find details of how to get in touch with us should you wish to find out more or why not read one of our other volunteer blogs

“I loved creating my embroidered panel. This was by far the most enjoyable art project I have ever completed and I am so pleased with my final piece.”

Mia Beech, year 9 pupil Lisburn School