Martin and Anne volunteer with us giving group talks about Quaker Tapestry.

Did you know that we have volunteers all over the country who give group talks about Quaker Tapestry?

Over the last twelve years Anne and Martin have given talks on the Quaker Tapestry. They began using slides on an old projector (once used for holiday pictures).

”We have spoken to many WI’s. I do the talks and Martin is the technician. Many of these talks have led to us being invited elsewhere. This has included U3A’s, Probus groups, Theatre support groups, a National Conference, History groups and Embroidery Groups.

We have spoken in village halls, churches, theatres, lecture theatres, meeting houses and private sitting rooms. We have spoken to groups as large as two hundred and as small as six. All the people we have met have been lovely people and welcomed us warmly. We have discovered countryside, towns and villages we might never have been to otherwise.

We have several times been the entertainment at an AGM or after dinner, leading to us having many a free dinner and teas.

All this has added up to a rewarding experience for us, spreading the word and encouraging people to see the tapestry.”

So you see volunteering your time and expertise to support Quaker Tapestry is not limited to just Kendal and it’s surrounds. We can equip you with all the information and resources needed to put on talks in your local area. We send out power points, so volunteers are able to select the pictures they feel suit each group, with each talk presented with different emphasis depending on the audience.

Working with your strengths

Working with your strengths is core to successful experience here at Quaker Tapestry. New skills are learnt but we know that working with what you like doing benefits all of us. Anne and Martins skill of speaking publicly means we can guarantee everyone there leaves enlightened about the Quaker Tapestry. Spreading the word about visiting our unique community artwork.  So if you are good on a computer then we have an admin support role for you. If you are skilled in DIY then we have walls that need painting. Or if you have fantastic knowledge of the local area then we have marketing materials in need of distribution.

Volunteering here

We know that volunteering here is a rewarding and worthwhile experience because our volunteers tell us. So if you, or someone you know, is thinking about volunteering then please get in touch, we’d love to find out more about you. Our volunteers page is a great place to start thinking about volunteering with us and there you will find details of how to get in touch with us should you wish to find out more or read our other volunteer blogs

“An extraordinary history starting in the Lake District in 1652, founding banks, chocolate companies, building railways, establishing Pennsylvania, chatting with Russian Czars and Turkish Sultans.”

Who would have thought Quakers would be so interesting!