Adrian Law QT Photographer

As a local Friend and Trustee, Adrian Law has been a close member of our small team of staff and volunteers here in Kendal since he and his wife Mary moved here from Aberdeenshire.

They both first came to volunteer at the Tapestry, and stayed in the Cottage Flat, in September 2010 when Adrian was 65 years.

Adrian was active in many Quaker Tapestry committees, projects and events over the years including we remember, all the fun we had in ‘The Chocolate Group’ when Adrian and other volunteers spent about two years researching local and national archives in order to create the new display about Quaker business and welfare.

He was chief photographer for our Education team school visits and the Roadshows. He supported Mary in many of her volunteer roles – such as working together to act as our emergency backup should anything happen to prevent staff opening up the building in the morning. They worked together checking and packing our shop stock for the Roadshows and they were vital in supporting us at the annual stock take.

In his stewarding role within the exhibition and on the Roadshows, Adrian showed great courtesy to everyone with his gentle patience and sense of humor and he was always willing to do whatever was needed. In the office he spent many hours quietly inputting data into spreadsheets and he carefully recorded the humidity and temperature levels around the Meeting House once a week.

Adrian served on several Quaker Tapestry committees including; the Trustees, General Purpose, Nominations and the Joint Working Group. In 2016 his research expertise was called upon again to help with the 200 year anniversary celebrations of the Meeting House.

We can read Adrian’s account of his favourite Tapestry panel ‘Scientists’ in the Quaker Tapestry 2017 calendar (February).

The staff and volunteers here at the Tapestry will miss him.

“Wonderful exhibits, a great museum.”

Sylvia Rutter – Northwich, Cheshire