There are no jobs at present – ever thought about volunteering?

As a small independent museum and charitable organisation, the Quaker Tapestry offers a scope of work where our small team of staff and volunteers are involved in sharing a variety of tasks – everyday is different!
Volunteering is a great way to experience what it’s like to work in a museum. We offer volunteer roles behind the scenes such as caring for the Quaker artefacts in our collection, or helping in the office or the mail order department (well, it’s a room really) where we pick and pack the gift shop items to send to our website customers all over the world.
Our enthusiastic front of house volunteers are passionate about the Quaker Tapestry and are keen to ensure that our visitors receive a warm welcome and a memorable experience. Some have embroidery experience, some help in the gift shop and some are knowledgeable about Quaker or social history.

Museum Assistant

Research shows that volunteering can help you get hired!

A survey of 500 employers across a range of professions has revealed that volunteering gives job-seekers a huge advantage over other candidates. The study, commissioned by Oxfam and conducted by One Poll, showed that three quarters of hirers would select the person with a history of giving their time for free when faced with two identical candidates for a role.

So why do 80% of bosses consider volunteers to be better quality job candidates? Qualities cited included:

  • Better social skills.
  • Ability to get on with people from all walks of life.
  • Hardworking and self-motivated.
  • Experience of different organisations.
  • Making a positive difference.

Andrew Horton, Oxfam’s trading director said: “This new research is proof volunteering massively boosts a person’s employability, making volunteering a really positive choice for anyone wanting to change jobs or progress their career.”

“Our volunteers bring a huge array of skills to the job and receive the support they need to develop new skills too. Window dressing, working behind the till, sorting donations, organising pop-up shop events, managing our social media – there are so many ways to get involved and enhance your CV at the same time.”