Woollen Cloth with calico backing


This unique woollen cloth has been specially designed and woven for the Quaker Tapestry. Now you can make your own embroidery!

In the 1980s the original woollen cloth was especially woven for the Quaker Tapestry in Somerset. The colour was based on the local stone, known as ‘Quantock’ sandstone. Nine different shades of wool were identified and selected to be woven using a random warp,which produced a low-key stripe.

Now we use a cloth woven in South West Wales. A plain weave woollen cloth with 16 ends and 18-19 picks to the inch.There are 7 colours of sheep’s wool in the warp and 2 in the weft. 7 different breeds of British sheep including Shetland and Jacob are used. The cloth is washed and scoured with soda and soap,and then dried and pressed. It is not treated or moth-proofed in any way as this is not recommended by textile conservators.

Woollen cloth and calico backing size: 33cm x 33cm (13″ x 13″) approx.


Did you know – our embroidery workshops make ideal gifts for budding stitchers or absolute beginners.

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