Swallowtail Butterfly Brooch


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This beautifully embroidered and hand-painted brooch closely resembles a real Swallowtail Butterfly, forming part of a collection of eight British butterflies.

The lifelike detailed craftsmanship of these three-dimensional pieces make them look as if they have gently landed on you.  An eye catching statement piece which can be worn on a lapel, scarf, pashmina or hat.

Handmade in England from embroidered and hand-painted textiles with wire antennae.

This item measures 9cm x 6cm. Presented in a 9cm square gift box with information about the butterfly and the artists on the reverse.

Due to the hand-crafted nature of the brooch, some very slight variations in size or colour may occur.

Other British Butterflies also available…

Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Peacock, Common Blues, Tortoiseshell, Purple Emperor and Marbled White


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