Hands-Free Seat Frame


Using one of these seat frames leaves both your hands free for embroidering!

We use these in all our embroidery workshops, they are revolutionary! You can flip the hoop over to easily see the back of your embroidery and you don’t have to put your work down if you want to re thread your needle or take a sip of your cuppa. The perfect gift for the embroiderer in your life

Simply sit on the seat frame with your thigh on the paddle shaped piece of wood. Adjust the height and position of the hoop to suit yourself. This frame is easily dismantled for carrying in a bag so you can take your embroidery anywhere.

The seat frame is adjustable in height and comes with a 250mm (10 inch) hoop, this item comes boxed and ready to assemble

Customer review “I have even used the seat frame when embroidering on the cross channel ferry – bliss!”

Did you know – our embroidery workshops make ideal gifts for budding stitchers or absolute beginners.

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