QT Embroidery DVD, PAL


60 minute Quaker Tapestry Embroidery DVD, PAL format with  introduction, technique, stories and embroidery stitches

(PAL is the standard format in the UK, Europe, Australia and China among others) 

Bridget initially planned the Quaker Tapestry Embroidery DVD as a visual aid for the participants on the embroidery workshops. However there was a regular plea to her “we wish we could take you home with us.” With this DVD Bridget is able to demonstrate the stitches on your TV or computer screen whenever you need her.

The title page gives you eight chapters to choose from or you can watch it all from the start. The film begins with a summary of the origins of the Tapestry. The following chapters demonstrate how the designs are transferred, the Stem stitch outline, Stem stitch, Split stitch, Quaker stitch, Chain stitch, Bayeux point and Peking knot. One of the embroidery sampler kits, featuring two clowns is used to demonstrate all the stitches but you can use the film with any of the samplers from the range.

This DVD is a must for everyone who would like a front row seat to the Quaker Tapestry. With excellent close up photography of some of the panels and includes snippets of stories, the film has an even wider appeal than just the embroidery market and beautifully compliments the Quaker Tapestry books.

Review of the film written by Robert Clark and Susan Costello, London

“As with so much that comes from the Quaker Tapestry the final product achieves much more than this simple aim. The added value comes from how Bridget incorporates the Quaker Tapestry into the film. There are close-ups of how the stitches are used in specific embroideries. We saw details enlarged that we had not noticed before. Stories about how the embroideries were made are included; such as why there are purple fish in the ‘Voyage of the Woodhouse’. The commentary, written and spoken by Bridget, answers some of those frequently asked questions, such as, how is the three dimensional effect achieved with just stitches? At appropriate points music is played as a background or link while the stitches are taking shape. 

This film is a must for anyone who is embarking on an embroidery kit for the first time or has attended an embroidery workshop. It will be very useful for anyone volunteering at the Quaker Tapestry and of interest to many who have seen the embroideries and want to know more about how they were made”

The musical extracts in this DVD are taken from the CD ‘Universal Chorus’, written by Bridget and Roy Wilcock, inspired by the Tapestry.

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