Quaker Tapestry Calendar 2022


Quaker Tapestry Calendar 2022

Featuring 12 tear-off postcards showing images from the Quaker Tapestry

The Quaker Tapestry Calendar 2022 features twelve popular panels. The accompanying text for each month’s image is taken from Insights into the Quaker Tapestry by Ann Nichols (1922-2017) .  Ann was one of the four teachers who taught the embroidery stitches and techniques to thousands of people.  Ann was a superb storyteller, teacher, enthusiast and ambassador for the Quaker Tapestry. She taught in many different parts of the world for over 30 years, from the early 1980s.  She was also a great peacemaker, gently stepping into the middle of any minor disagreement to bring calm. Ann gave explanations of the story depicted in each panel and often of the stitches used to embroider it.

The selection of panels was compiled by Quaker Tapestry Museum staff, on behalf of the Publication and Communications Committee.

Calendar size 170mm x 325mm with wiro binding top including hanging hook.

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