‘Evening Sun’ Bridget Guest & Roy Wilcock


BRIDGET GUEST & ROY WILCOCK  “Evening Sun” Kitchen Table Music KTCD02

This album features 13 songs.  Wherever your horizon, with this album you’ve got the warm evening sun, a bottle of red wine and the one you love by your side, or on your mind.  It will transport you from a window seat overlooking an English garden via the Olive groves of Corfu to the Union Station Hotel in Nashville, USA.

Bridget & Roy have two other CDs available from the Tapestry shop: ‘Universal Chorus’ and ‘Farewell Kiss’

Retail price £13.00 (Our price only £8.50)

EVENING SUN – 49min 34sec
1 – Eliza’s Colours – Bridget Guest
2 – Get on That Road and Drive – Bridget Guest
3 – Dear John – Mark.E.Nevin & Kirsty MacColl
4 – Why Walk when you can Fly – Mary Chapin Carpenter
5 – Storm in the Night – Bridget Guest
6 – Found this Voice – Bridget Guest
7 – Olive Tree – Bridget Guest
8 – Rhythm of this Room – Bridget Guest
9 – I Know You by Heart – Diane Scanlon & Eve Nelson
10 – Let Every Spirit Fly – John Harper
11 – Chase the Evening Sun – Bridget Guest
12 – The Call and the Answer – Phil Colclough
13 – Union Station – Julie Matthews & Chris While

Review by Clive Pownceby, Living Tradition
“Awash with personal-meaning-laden songs, light ‘n airy harmonies and arresting lyrics (“your heart will be your only guiding light, there are no simple maps to chart the way”) it also benefits from the weighty presences of Brian Bedford as producer, fiddler Tom McConville and the jazz-inflected guitar stylings of Howard Lees. There’s a sense of a quality cast rallying around something special. Covers include material by While/Matthews, Mark Nevin and Mary Chapin Carpenter though the majority of the songs are Bridget’s own. She sings and plays guitar with an easy character making for a soft-focus experience that favours languid over raw emotion but would commend itself to any late night Radio 2 programme director. Touching as Olive Tree is (it’s about a friend’s surprise birthday present for her husband and its significance) the highlight is probably Chase The Evening Sun where Howard’s guitar shines and the Guest/Wilcock vocal interplay is superb. This is an intelligent, sometimes dazzlingly good record. What better recommendation than that?”

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