Donkeys Embroidery Kit


The Donkeys embroidery kit is shown on the Quaker Tapestry panel called ‘Peace Embassies’. Cooperation is better than conflict is one of the best loved motos in the Quaker Tapestry. The  charming donkeys working together to eat their food. This Donkeys embroidery kit contains the materials you need to make the embroidered picture of the ‘Donkeys’, with easy to follow guidelines, thread colour guide, photographs and ‘top tips’.

You will also need to purchase the Quaker Tapestry Stitch Guide Book which will explain the process of pattern transfer and give you step-by-step instructions of each stitch.

A note from Bridget Guest, the designer

“Anne Wynn Wilson (founder of the Quaker Tapestry) once said to me that embroidering animals was quite simple, especially when they have hair. You just imagine yourself stroking the animal and that will tell you which way their hair grows and helps to demonstrate which way to put your stitches. When I embroidered these Donkeys I imagined that their hair was coarse and strong, so in my imagination I used a horse brush to stroke mine! I thought that the hair around the face and tail would be softer so I have created a fluffier texture here. You just need to get into the right frame of mind and your embroidery will follow.”


Fabric size 330mm x 330mm, embroidered image size H160mm x W180mm


  • 2 x ‘crewel’ needles.
  • 13 coloured skeins Appleton’s crewel embroidery wool thread.
  • Quaker Tapestry woollen cloth
  • Calico backing cloth.
  • The ‘cartoon’ or outline design.
  • 12 pages of illustrated instructions.
  • Greaseproof paper.

Other items needed to complete the kit

  • Quaker Tapestry Stitch Guide book with step-by-step instructions for the stitches and techniques.
  • A seat frame with a 250mm (10inch) hoop or similar frame to hold the work in progress.
  • Pair of scissors, a good light and some relaxation time.


This is a beginner’s embroidery kit but the lettering can be tricky to master – you will need the Quaker Tapestry Stitch Guide Book for more instructions with the lettering.

Did you know – our embroidery workshops make ideal gifts for budding stitchers or absolute beginners.

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