Colours of Kendal, Poems and Prose


Colours of Kendal, poetry and prose inspired by the Quaker Tapestry.

Colours of Kendal is a booklet of poetry and prose inspired by the Quaker Tapestry. Written by students attending our creative writing workshops at Kendal. Geraldine Green, a local Lakeland poet and writer in residence, facilitated the Quaker Tapestry Museum’s workshops.

“This booklet is a celebration of the poems and prose written in response to the tapestries and to the embroidered stories themselves which have provided us with such a wealth of inspiration.” Geraldine

Size A5 with 40 pages of poetry and prose written by 17 contributors.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

Firstly, our special thanks go to our funders, Kendal Town Council and The Leaveners, whose support for this project is invaluable. Secondly, to the volunteers and staff at the Quaker Tapestry Museum, thank you for your friendly support which has been encouraging and inspiring. Above all, to the writers who have contributed their enthusiasm, words and energy – thank you!

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Your purchase will help us to preserve and exhibit one of the world’s largest community embroideries. Helping to share its stories, history and stitches for all to enjoy.

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