Chelone Flower Embroidery Kit


This Chelone Flower Embroidery Kit contains the materials you need to make the Chelone flower picture, with guidelines, thread colour guide, photograph and ‘tips’ from Anne, the designer. You will also need to purchase the Quaker Tapestry Stitch Guide Book which will explain the process of pattern transfer and give you step-by-step instructions of each stitch.  


Fabric size 330mm x 330mm, embroidered image size H160mm x W72mm


  • 2 x ‘crewel’ needles.
  • 17 coloured skeins British made Appleton’s crewel embroidery wool thread.
  • Quaker Tapestry woollen cloth Britain made.
  • Calico backing cloth.
  • The ‘cartoon’ or outline design.
  • Greaseproof paper.
  • Hot Iron Transfer Pencil.

Other items needed to complete the kit

  • Quaker Tapestry Stitch Guide book with step-by-step instructions for the stitches and techniques.
  • A seat frame with a 250mm (10inch) hoop or similar frame to hold the work in progress.
  • Pair of scissors, a good light and some relaxation time.

A note from Anne Wynn Wilson, the designer:  

One of the pleasures of making flower embroideries is the enjoyment of the plant itself.

Finding abstract patterns in the structure of the leaves and petals, and matching the colours with wools is very satisfying. However adapting stitches to interpret the textures and light reflections makes the craft a truly creative experience.

I began embroidering the sampler of Chelone by noticing how the colours flowed from palest green in the new buds, through the pinks to wine red. I arranged the coloured threads in the same graduated order, also the greens and browns, keeping the yellow and blue separate. The Appleton’s crewel wools in the kit are identical to the ones I used. The stitches used are: stem, split, chain and knot-also a straight satin stitch.

Now you can enjoy being creative. I hope you will enjoy the embroidering as much as I have.


This is not a beginner’s kit, but would be suitable for those who have completed one of our beginners kits first.