Bookmark – Leaveners


Bookmark – Leaveners.

The illustration shows an event in 1978 when children made and transported a 40 foot dragon, representing aggression, through Lancaster to the castle where it was slain, symbolising the victory  of peace.

The Leaveners is the name of the Quaker Youth Theatre group. It puts on a variety of dramatic and musical performances across the country as shown in the bookmark. The Leaveners aim to link young and old through the Arts to mutual cooperation and harmony.

‘Leaven’ means among other things ‘to lighten’ or ‘to transform’ and by lightening and transforming attitudes it is hoped to make the world a better place.

All our Quaker Tapestry Bookmarks are printed in full colour onto satin artboard with interesting informative text about the front image printed on the reverse.

Size 50mm x 250mm