Water Courses

An anthology of poems and prose, exploring the link between people and waterways, offering a fresh perspective on the importance of place.

We are delighted to announce our new anthology Water Courses: Rivers, Canals, Wildlife, Crafts and People – now available as a free downloadable PDF.

The anthology is collection of writing inspired by an online creative writing workshop in the summer of 2021 entitled ‘Rivers of Kendal’ and facilitated by Geraldine Green, Writer-in-Residence, Quaker Tapestry Museum. This project has been kindly supported by Kendal Town Council as part of our ‘Fabric of Kendal’ project.

“Themes for the workshop evolved into rivers and canals; wildlife who live in, on and around water; crafts and people. It’s always enjoyable for me to do some research around themes and come up with prompts and handouts relating to them. This workshop was no exception and some fine poems and prose pieces grew out of it. So, over to you readers! We hope you get as much pleasure from this anthology as we did in creating it” Geraldine Green


Download free PDF of the Anthology

Look out for our upcoming workshops, starting Summer 2022!

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