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Our work on The Dunera Boys embroidery panel for the Australian Quaker Tapestry Project is still proceeding steadily…meanwhile a new book has been published about those involved.

Roy Wilcock, whilst researching The Dunera Boys story for the new panel, made contact with Dr Seumas Spark in Australia, a Dean of Arts Research Fellow at Monash University in Melbourne, who is well versed in the history of The Dunera Boys.

At that time Seumas was undertaking his own research for a book, to further expand on the lives of some of the internees. Roy had informed Seumas of his own interest in The Dunera Boys, which was to obtain sufficient information about the subject in order to design a tapestry panel for the Australian Quaker Tapestry Project. Seumas was interested in this development and asked if he could use an image for his new book. We only had the cartoon design at the time but Seumas still was interested in this.  His book has now been published under the title ‘Dunera Lives – A Visual History’. As the title suggests the book is crammed full of photographs and images of museum artefacts.

Our design has been included in the new publication. Quaker Tapestry in Kendal has received a credit in the book and a half page write up. Thank you Seumas.

The embroidery work in Kendal is still proceeding steadily. At some point in the future we would like to send a photograph image of the finished work to Seumas.

‘Dunera Lives – A Visual History’ by Monash University Publishing. ISBN 978-1-925495-49-2 paperback version. Available from all good book shops.

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