Our ‘Talk and Tea’ fundraiser in February 2018 was well received. We would like to offer our thanks to history enthusiast, writer and Quaker Tapestry Volunteer, Roy Wilcock. Roy worked hard in researching and revealing the story of The Dunera Boys. The official documents of this story are still subject to a 100 year embargo by the British government!

For the ticket price of £5, our audience heard in depth insight into The Dunera Boys – the little-known story of 2,500 interned refugees put on board a floating prison ship, the HMT DUNERA. The WWII diaries and letters reveal the brutal treatment received at the hands of British army guards during this journey. The story also revealed fascinating insights of their time within the Australian internment camps.

Winston Churchill, who orchestrated the deportation of the men, later regarded this action as “A deplorable and regrettable mistake”

We discovered how the Quakers responded to the refugee situation; the practical help they put into place and how the British and Australian Quakers challenged both governments.


Funds raised from ticket sales to the event totaled £160, this will be put towards the completion of an embroidered panel depicting The Story of The Dunera Boys. The embroidery is taking place in Kendal for the Australian Quaker Tapestry Project. The creation of the story within an embroidered panel demonstrates the Quaker Tapestry Museum’s dedication in paying homage to this story in our collaboration with the Australian Quaker Tapestry.

This was our first ‘Talk and Tea’ fundraiser but given its success we hope to put on more throughout the year. Please keep an eye on our events page or subscribe to our quarterly e newsletter via the website.

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“An extraordinary history starting in the Lake District in 1652, founding banks, chocolate companies, building railways, establishing Pennsylvania, chatting with Russian Czars and Turkish Sultans.”

Who would have thought Quakers would be so interesting!