Quaker Tapestry Calendar 2021

Our fundraising postcard calendars feature 12 of the 77 embroidered panels.

Those with a 2021 Quaker Tapestry Museum calendar have been gaining a monthly insight into 12 of the 77 embroidered panels that make up the Quaker Tapestry.

Each embroidered panel tells stories of people’s deeds of discovery and daring, and the full tapestry captures 350 years of social history.

Quaker Tapestry Postcards

There’s a tear off postcard for each month of the year. So, at the end of each month you get a postcard to keep or send.

Alongside the postcard there’s an insight into the story from Ann Nichols, one of three Anns who taught the embroidery stitches of the Quaker Tapestry.

Ann travelled widely across Britain and Canada to teach the embroidery stitches and techniques to thousands of men, women and children who were involved in this global community project. She gathered many stories about how the panels were made as well as understanding what the designs tell us. She was a superb storyteller, teacher, enthusiast and ambassador for the Quaker Tapestry and her voice lives on through our fundraising calendar.

Selecting the 12 panels for the annual calendar is a happy job undertaken by staff and volunteers. Their decision making is informed by what they know visitors enjoy.

Why not support one of Cumbria’s smallest museums, and the work of the charity that shares and cares for the Quaker Tapestry, by buying a calendar?

You can purchase this year’s 2021 Calendar from our online shop. The 2022 calendar for next year will be arriving soon!

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“Brilliant, in many ways. I love embroidery, so thought this would just be interesting to see, but found it was incredibly informative not just about individual Quakers but how much they have done in our society.”

Well worth the entrance fee for the educational aspects alone!