Victorian paper pop-up curiosity - Quaker Tapestry archive item.

As an accredited museum, we provide great insight into Quaker History.  Alongside the panels of embroidery, our collection of about 600 artefacts help to bring the social history to life.   The collection of associated artefacts includes articles of clothing, embroidery and other domestic items which have been gifted to the Quaker Tapestry Museum by a wide range of donors from Cumbria and further afield. In this series of blogs we will reveal what is inside some of the object storage boxes.

Opening up archive box 38 we were surprised to discover what at first looks like a handwritten poem with a pen and ink drawing, is actually a most delicate, Victorian paper pop-up curiosity. The tissue paper drawing depicts a cottage in a wood with a handwritten poem (written below and audio on the video) The tissue paper is finely cut so that when carefully lifted up using a thread from the centre it reveals a drawing of mice beneath. Creating a 3D illusion, that the mice are in the house!

The item was gifted to the collection by Geoffrey Levy following the death of Margery Levy, Quaker Tapestry Member and designer of some of the Quaker Tapestry panels.

‘Beneath is a residence cheerful though small, Give it what name you please, except Liberty Hall, ‘Tis well fenced and airy, yet some people say, The guests that once enter can ne’er get away, Pray lift the latch gently and peep in with care, Lest the tenants you fright, or the premises tear’

See our video of ‘the big reveal’

QTKS2010.38 Pen & Ink DRAWING Mouse House

Filmed June 2019. Camera and sound by Simon Hart Richardson. Poem read by Kit Morgan, Conservation Team Volunteer.

We couldn’t accept and care for these wonderful artefacts without our dedicated team of Care and Conservation Group volunteers. However we need your help to…

– Create an improved database of the extensive Quaker Tapestry collection of supplementary items

– Develop best practice of the Care and Conservation Group volunteers through further training 

We are very grateful to everyone who helps Quaker Tapestry grow and develop through donations and grants, and in so many other ways. Your donation will help us achieve our goals and ensure the longevity of the exhibition and collection.

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