Robins at QT Museum

Our gardener recently spotted that a robin had made it’s nest inside a plant pot in our Peace Garden. Robins nest on or near the ground in hollows, nooks, climbing plants, hedges and even tree roots and logs.

Having kept an eye on them we were delighted to see the eggs have hatch into a brood of chicks. Their mum has been busy to and fro with food for their seemingly endless appetite. Here’s hope her efforts pay off and that they will fledge in the next few days.

The robin is a popular sight both in the garden and in our shop, as our gift shop has plenty of robin inspired items from embroidery kits, greetings cards, notelets to key-rings and fridge magnets. All these exclusive items stem from an exquisite original design by Bridget Guest, artist and QT General Manager. Bridget says…

“The robin is the nations favourite garden bird – with its bright red breast it is familiar throughout the year. I found a photograph of this lively little robin, which captures the movement perfectly, that was my starting point. The branch was inspired by the wonderful tree on the final panel of the Quaker Tapestry – World Family of Friends”

You can read more about this and other birds on the RSPB website, learning where to spot it, how to attract them to your garden and even hear its song

Buying lovely things from our shop supports our charitable work.

You can find the items featured in this blog along with many more in our museum gift shop and our online shop

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“We aim to secure sufficient funds to enable future generations to experience the inspiration and pleasure that the Tapestry has given to so many people.”

Bridget Guest, General Manager