Tapestry Roadshows – Coming to a Town Near You

The Tapestry Roadshows have toured major cathedral towns or cities in the United Kingdom. An unqualified success, our roadshows attract thousands of visitors to each venue. Check our Events section below to see if our next roadshow will be near you.

Slide Talks around the country – The Stories Behind the Stitches

Following growing demand we have a nationwide network of experienced speakers who like nothing better than talking to you about the making of Quaker Tapestry, the characters, and the events portrayed in its panels.

All of our speakers have a personal connection with the Tapestry and will bring the talk to life with a slideshow or PowerPoint presentation. A selection of popular Tapestry souvenirs is normally available for sale after the talk.

In order to meet the costs of the talks we ask for a minimum donation of £30 from smaller groups and up to £150 from larger groups. Our speakers give their time and expertise voluntarily on behalf of the Quaker Tapestry. However, we do ask that you reimburse their travelling expenses and where possible we try to find a speaker nearby.

“What an inspiring exhibition!”

J. Samuel – Liverpool