Ride for equality and the common good

Nearly 360 years ago Margaret Fell, who helped establish the Quaker faith, rode from Cumbria to London on horseback . There, she gave King Charles II a declaration to appeal to end the persecution of Quakers. On 3rd August 2018 Quakers from Kendal and Sedbergh Area Meeting travelled to London. They were still riding on saddles but this time peddle powered, to present a declaration to the government. They have appealed to the government to:

  • end the dismantling of the welfare state and the suffering of those who are victims of the changes
  • renew the welfare state ensuring a safety net for all
  • commit themselves to act for equality and the common good.

The “Ride for Equality and the Common Good” comes in the context of Quakers nationally having lobbied against many aspects of recent welfare changes.

“The Welfare State grew out of a vision 75 years ago to reduce poverty, disease and lack of education. It aimed to provide care for each of us when ill or unemployed or old. Our welfare system protects all of us against life’s contingencies. Despite the debts after World War II we chose to afford it. We believe we can choose to afford it now and we must: the social cost of not affording it is incalculable. We should not stand by and watch the most vulnerable suffering, and our most valuable social asset, our welfare system, being dismantled. We have a moral responsibility to uphold it” – Sally Ingham, Kendal and Sedbergh Quakers.



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“It was a most enjoyable week of stewarding with much variety – give it a try, I stayed in the cosy cottage flat for volunteers who are visiting from afar.”

Audrey Nunn, visiting volunteer