Dunera Panel March 2018

The Dunera Boys panel progress is going well. Here is Janet, one of our Quaker Tapestry embroiderers, working on the panel in our exhibition space. This will join a collection of around 40 panels to form Australian Quaker Tapestry Project

See the stitches for yourself

We encourage our embroiderers to work on the panel within the exhibition, providing our visitors with the opportunity to see a panel under construction. The Quaker Tapestry stitches and inspiration continue.

The title lettering is rolled around the frame, which makes the working area easier to manage.

It is time consuming work and there are several embroiderers working on it, all individually. We know we will be working on it for a long time yet.


“Who would have thought a wash-day could be so much fun, I have learnt such a lot today!”

Jill, volunteer, Care & Conservation of the Collection Team