Gogo Olive, Knitted Animals from Zimbabwe

As we are all aware there is increasingly troubled times in Zimbabwe. We are happy to share positive news from Zimbabwe based suppliers Gogo Olive, who produce our popular hand knitted animals. Gogo Olive creates employment for local women, giving them hope in the opportunity to use their craft skills to earn a fair wage and build a future for themselves and their families.

“It has been an unsettling year so far in Zimbabwe.  In January there was a nationwide shutdown and an internet blackout. This was in response to huge price increases and fuel and food shortages in the country, which has sadly led to violence and unrest. At Gogo Olive we are all fine and just trying to make the best of these challenging times.  I am always amazed and encouraged by the resilience of Zimbabweans. Despite the troubles in the country the workshop is lively and often full of laughter and fun.

We are very thankful for the opportunities we have and that we are able to continue to operate and support our knitters during these times.

So now, more than ever, we are very thankful for YOU! – our loyal customers, as without your support we wouldn’t be able to keep running as we are.  There are often cheers in the workshop when we tell the ladies about new orders and they love hearing about the different parts of the world that their animals are being sent to!”

By buying these beautiful hand knitted animals you are buying a unique hand made product, which is helping women and their families out of poverty. A wide range of the animals are now available in our online shop and in our museum shop.

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