Harvest Mouse Embroidery Kit

Mindfulness can positively change the way we feel about our lives and help us manage stress and anxiety. Put simply, mindfulness is about being present. Mindfulness as being connected and aware of what’s going on inside and outside of your body at any given moment. It’s an awareness of thoughts and feelings.

Activities that engage the mind and encourage relaxation can really help us get into the mindset of mindfulness: Not feeling down about the past or anxious about the future. Research suggests that sewing, knitting and general creativity can have a huge impact on mindfulness, helping us to shift focus away from negativity and worrying thoughts, helping us to combat anxiety.

With so many people staying at home, feeling isolated or anxious we are encouraging people to try their hand at one of our kits, relaunched, repackaged (in environmentally friendly and reusable bags) Or treat a friend or loved one to a well being package delivered straight to their door! Free postage on all orders over £10, please select the free shipping option at the checkout.

Choose from our full range of embroidery kits and cross stitch kit. Our online shop stocks all the equipment you may need to complete your kit, such as an aqua penstitch guide book and seat frame

If sewing isn’t your thing we have lovely books (reading is very mindful) and cards (to rediscover the lost art of letter writing) to name a few of our other products.

Buying lovely things from us directly supports our charitable work, thank you

Your purchase will help us to preserve and exhibit one of the world’s largest community embroideries and share its stories, history and stitches for all to enjoy.

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