Quaker Botanists Book Sale

Whilst the weather might be proving challenging for those keen to be out in the garden, why not read about the Quaker plant hunters? Responsible for introducing many of our well loved garden plants to this country. ‘The Golden Age of Quaker Botanists’ makes the perfect read for anyone green fingered, interested in the fantastic journeys made to find these plants or in Kendal (the book features our very own Meeting House Garden). Now less than half price at just £6 for this A4 sized illustrated book.

An informative book which reveals the plant hunters responsible for up to 1,000 of the UK’s best-loved garden plants. Described by broadcaster, writer, gardener Alan Titchmarsh, as ‘A fascinating new look at the history of some much-loved garden plants and trees and their Quaker ‘roots’’, the book tells the story of how Quaker plant hunters journeyed to America, New Zealand, Australia and Africa to discover, recover, identify and introduce new species to this country. It is beautifully illustrated with newly-commissioned, hand-drawn colour plates.

Hand drawn colour plates in the book are so beautiful that we have also produced a range of 11 Botanist Cards depicting these specially commissioned drawings. Always a popular shop purchase and priced at just £1

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“Wonderful exhibits, a great museum.”

Sylvia Rutter – Northwich, Cheshire