We have around 500 objects in the Quaker Tapestry Collection including 18th and 19th century clothing and objects, embroidery and other domestic items. These treasures have fascinating stories to tell and have been gifted to us by a wide range of donors, both Quaker and non-Quaker, from Cumbria and further afield.

Friendship quilt Quaker Tapestry collection

As an accredited museum, we provide great insight into Quaker History by adding to, protecting, and presenting, an extensive collection of associated artefacts alongside the panels of embroidery.

We also have an archive collection of documents, photographs and samplers associated with the making of the embroidered panels, although currently, only about 20 of the total 77 panels have a significant amount of material relating to them.

To learn more about how we look after the artefacts within the collection have a look at our Blogs.

Collection Policy

While we are always willing to consider acquiring additional artefacts that represent Quaker heritage for our collections, we recognise our responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the Accreditation Standard will be met. Limitations on collecting (imposed by factors such as staffing, storage and care of collection arrangements) are taken into account.

Loans Out

The Quaker Tapestry is happy to arrange loans out where it judges it appropriate to do so. Loans are usually restricted to galleries and museums, which meet the conservation standards required for the care and safety of the collection. Loans will normally only be considered for temporary exhibitions and the exhibition’s importance, public benefit, historical and Quaker interest will be taken into account when deciding if the loan should take place.

“Wonderful exhibits, a great museum.”

Sylvia Rutter – Northwich, Cheshire