Share the stories behind the stitches...

We need your help….to engage with new and diverse audiences

We are interpreting more stories from the panels for our handheld audio guides, translating them into different languages. 4,000 people from 15 countries have had a hand in making the Tapestry and donations will enable us to continue to share these stories. Listening to the stories allows visitors more time to spend studying the tapestries.

Stories engage us at every level, our emotions, values and imagination. The rich cultural heritage told in the Quaker Tapestry awakens visitors to our shared past, making sense of the present and considering the possibilities for the future. 

Listening to the audio guide stories helps:

  • to raise awareness and develop understanding of the social history;
  • to encourage discussion about the influence that Quakers have had on the modern world;
  • visitors with a visual impairment to ‘see’ the story;
  • visitors to hear the stories in their own language;

“Listening to the stories brought new purpose and inspiration to the tapestries, reflecting on the Quaker ethos through their messages” a museum visitor

An excerpt from one of the children’s audio stories:

“Elizabeth Fry provided the women with clean clothes and taught them to read, write and sew. Each prisoner was given a bag of useful things.  You can see from the children’s designs at the bottom of the tapestry the sort of things that were in the bags. Can you see the pieces of cloth and sewing needles the women used to make patchwork quilts? If you were going on a long journey what would you put inside your bag of useful things?”

Imagine having George Fox, Mary Hughes or Kathleen Lonsdale telling their story, guiding you through the tapestry. Or the words of one of the embroiderers revealing some of the secrets behind their intricate work. The stories are so vivid and captivating, it’s as if you are actually in the scene itself.

With further funds we will:

  • translate the stories into different languages
  • record the stories using professional voice artists

We need to raise £10,000 for this work. You can help us by donating online, complete the downloadable form or contact us and we can pop one in the post to you. Thank you

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“Thank you for teching us how to sow. That was my favrite thing because I leant new things. THANK You!!!”