Museum visitor stools

In summer 2018 a group visited us, as part of a tour of the original Quaker sites. On that trip was Sheila, who very much enjoyed the visit to Kendal and found the tapestries fascinating. However, due to her arthritic hip, she did have a problem with standing up for a long time. Sheila commended our staff saying they were very helpful and did provide a chair, but it was difficult to keep moving a chair around.

Our donations appeal leaflet prompted her to wonder whether she could make a specific donation of a couple of purpose built folding stools.

You may have used these yourself at other places, these are a really helpful bit of kit, designed for museums, galleries and events.

Sheila wrote a lovely email to us enquiring as to whether we would be accepting of her kind offer. Who can say no to such a great idea? The stools will be useful for all sorts of visitors who for whatever reason struggle to stand for long. Sheila researched the stools and was happy to donate two of them. How wonderful! Sheilas gift will be much appreciated and used often.

We are very happy to receive specific donations and gifts. If there’s something you are interested in funding then please contact our Funding Officer, Izzy Thorne. Your gift will be gratefully received.

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“We aim to secure sufficient funds to enable future generations to experience the inspiration and pleasure that the Tapestry has given to so many people.”

Bridget Guest, General Manager