Young embroiderer having a go at stitching

A young visitor at the Quaker Tapestry touring exhibition at Chelmsford Cathedral.

This young embroiderer was delighted to have a go at the embroidery next to me (Bridget) in the demonstration area.

The little girl is Romanian and has very little English. With help from mummy and granny we managed to understand each other – it’s all about the hand signals and plenty of “Bravo!”

Her mummy and granny decided it was time to go for a coffee and scone in the Cathedral cafe but this little one wanted to stay and finish her embroidery. I said they could take the work with them and bring it back to me after coffee. She was very pleased to show me her finished piece when they returned. With plenty to keep her occupied, mummy and granny had a very peaceful time in the cafe!

“Thank you for teching us how to sow. That was my favrite thing because I leant new things. THANK You!!!”