28th October 2017

Winter Wonderland detail

It may be cold outside but what better way to spend a winters morning. Get cosy and crafty at our Winter Wonderland workshop, creating a winter picture of festive wonder and beauty. This photo shows a sampler of something similar, but not the same as the one you will learn to do.

This three hour workshop provides you with a whistle-stop tour of the basic stitches used within the Quaker Tapestry. We will cover Stem, Split, Chain, Quaker, Bayeux Point and Peking Knot.

In a relaxed and friendly environment Bridget will guide you through the stitches. Helping you work towards an embroidered picture to finish at home.

You don’t need to have any experience in embroidery before you attend the workshop. Those who have done some stitching before always learn something new as this is an opportunity to refresh their skills.