21st September 2018

Pilates Classes at QT

In this friendly class you will clear your mind and focus your body so you can concentrate on every movement. The movements come from the body’s core, the exercises aim to strengthen these muscles.  Pilates improves your muscle tone, flexibility, pelvic floor and core strength, balance, mobility, posture and stress levels!

Pilates exercises are performed in a continuous, flowing way with phases of contraction achieved under slow, controlled movement. All Pilates movements should be performed with complete control, the focus should be on quality not quantity. Weaker parts of the body are strengthened which helps to create balance and reduces the risk of injury.

Concentration is required to control the movements whilst  focusing on good technique and body awareness. Pilates teaches you to be aware of your body’s strengths and weaknesses. Which will heighten body awareness, control, and effective movements. Pilates will challenge each person in a different way. The use of repetition increases your body’s skill level and ability to deal with the rigors of daily life.

By learning how to focus your mind on how your body feels during exercise you are able to learn to release the tension within your body. With the release of tension and stress you are able to develop a flowing, natural fluidity.

To book your first class free visit www.fitnessdynamics.co.uk where you’ll find the class calendar and discount packages & memberships, you can also pay as you attend!