8th October 2022

2pm – 4pm. This is a blended fundraising event, take part online or in person here at Quaker Tapestry Museum, Kendal.

Join us for an illustrated fundraising talk with historic researcher and podcaster Isabella Rosner in exploring the surprising contradictions in seventeenth century needlework made by Quaker girls and women in the Society of Friends.

Their work is heavily opulent, surprising given the Society’s investment in and promotion of plainness. Embroidering highly decorative objects (including nutmegs!) with high quality materials allowed Quaker girls to learn how to use the goods produced, handled, and sold by their parents, future husbands, and other members of the London Quaker community while also preparing them for lives as successful mothers and wives.

This talk will also include a session looking at some of our own collection items.

Isabella Rosner

Isabella is a final-year Ph.D. student at King’s College London, where she researches Quaker women’s art before 1800. Her project focuses on seventeenth-century London needlework and eighteenth-century Philadelphia wax and shellwork. Isabella also specialises in the study of schoolgirl samplers and early modern stitching in addition to hosting the Sew What? podcast about historic needlework and those who stitched it.

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Funds raised from ticket sales to this event will go towards the ongoing work of our Care and Conservation team. Help us to: create an improved database of our extensive collection of supplementary items, acquire conservation materials, develop best practice of the Care and Conservation volunteers through further training. Achieving these goals will ensure the longevity of the exhibition and collection. Please consider making a donation to our appeal