29th July 2017

Beach Huts detail

Ice creams, sandcastles and the blustery British weather all evoke memories of the seaside but none are quite as nostalgic as a pretty painted beach hut. Use a bright colour palette, adding embellishment at home, to create a pretty stitched picture.

NEW for 2017 – Full-day workshops

This full-day workshop provides a detailed guide to the six basic stitches used within the Quaker Tapestry techniques; Stem, Split, Chain, Quaker, Bayeux Point and Peking Knot.

In a relaxed and friendly environment your two tutors, Carole and Mel, will guide you through the stitches helping you work towards a finished embroidery to take home.

You don’t need to have any experience in embroidery before you attend the workshop and those who have done some stitching before always seem to learn something new and use this as an opportunity to refresh their skills.