Moth proofing or not

I had a query from an ex-student regarding Appletons Wool as a good choice for embroidery and she was concerned about whether to do any moth proofing or not.

At the Quaker Tapestry, so far…. we haven’t experienced a problem with moths (I said very quietly…) We don’t moth proof anything – even our background cloth is all wool! We simply use insect monitoring techniques within the museum to keep an eye on which insects we have in the building – like little undercover surveillance techniques.

Moth proofing sprays and chemicals turn the cloth yellow over time so we don’t do anything with our work other than have it framed using conservation, acid-free materials.

It is lovely to use this wool thread – Appleton 2-ply Crewel Wool is very good quality and their colours are wonderfully fade resistant. The Crewel Work stitches are free flowing and dance across the surface of the fabric creating beautiful textures – it’s very tactile.


“What an inspiring exhibition!”

J. Samuel – Liverpool