Bramley Hare Kits

We are excited to announce that Bridget Guest, Textile Designer and Quaker Tapestry General Manager, has launched the online shop, Bramley Hare Kits. Featuring her downloadable PDF crewel embroidery patterns, inspired by our unique, international community textile and using all six of it’s stitches!

About the artist..

Bridget lives, plays, teaches and designs here in the old English market town of Kendal, in the picturesque Lake District. Bridget loves the combination of sketching and painting for embroidery and is passionate about textiles. Doing her best to inspire others to discover the joys of needle and thread.

About Bramley Hare Kits..

Bridget designs for and teaches our embroidery workshops. Each new workshop gives an opportunity to create a different design for the students, who often attend again and again. These tried and tested designs are available as downloadable (print at home) embroidery patterns. Bridget aims to reach many more students, inspiring them to take up their needle, choose fabrics, threads and be creative..

All our full kits, fabrics, hoops, stitch guide books and DVDs are available from our online shop and direct from Quaker Tapestry Museum


“Embroidery was the medium that provided the opportunities for this experiment in education, communication and community experience.”

Anne Wynn-Wilson, founder of the Quaker Tapestry